There'll be no long, written-in-third person biography on this page.  Instead, I offer you a concise, written-in-first-person list of 10 things about me that will do the same job as the long bio, but in less time.  How efficient and considerate of me, right?!

Ok, let's get started.  I, Gretchen Poole,. . .

  1. am originally from Arkansas, but have lived in NYC since 2003.
  2. was named the 2002 Talent of the Year at IMTA (International Modeling & Talent Association).
  3. moved to NYC to study acting at The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute.
  4. perform at The Magnet Theater with two comedy groups: College, a musical improvisation team, and Cash, a sketch team, for which I also write.
  5. am one-half of Cagey, a sketch comedy duo with Kaitlin Fontana.
  6. studied music with a focus in vocal performance at CUNY Hunter College.
  7. was Lucille in Parade, Amanda in For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls, and Teresa in Italian American Reconciliation.
  8. make fudge.
  9. am an amateur guitarist, but a pretty decent drummer.
  10. treat wedding receptions like the huge dance party they are because I LOVE DANCE PARTIES.

...and you're done!  Time to look at a new page!